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Drywall Contractor in Baltimore MD

We are the top drywall contractor in the Baltimore area.  Our team of professional contractors specialize in a full range of drywall services in Baltimore and the surrounding communities.  Drywall is one of the most crucial and common building materials used by drywall contractors today for both commercial and residential buildings.  As a drywall contractor, our team of experienced professionals are experts in all facets of drywall installation, repair and finishing, to include texturing. We invite our business partners and community members as well as new and old customers to review our specialty services to learn more about how we can provide value and benefit them.


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About Us

With over 30 years of experience servicing our community, our team has developed a specialization that includes a wide range of services to cater to the needs of residential and commercial clients in today's modern construction industry. Our drywall contractor services are backed with a confident team that is proven to perform efficiently and provide quality work in a safe working environment for all your construction needs. We undergo extensive training, certification and qualifications in addition to our existing years of experience because our clients trust us with their single largest investment.


We have been called the best drywall contractor in the Baltimore area for good reason.  We insist on outstanding quality and fantastic customer service to be the kind of contractor we'd want to call if our own homes need repair.  Our long term goal is to establish and foster lifelong trusted relationships with our business partners, community and customers. We are capable of handling the full variety of drywall construction needs from all sectors for both residential and commercial clients. We have been fortunate to be supported by our local community over the years we have been offering our services.  We treat your property as if it were our own, and that means doing things right the first time, every time.

Drywall Installation

The application of plasterboard to surfaces such as metal, wood, timber or masonry framing is the simple definition of drywall installation. Drywall is also called sheetrock, and has replaced lathe and plaster as wall surfaces in many places throughout the world.  The installation and fixing methods throughout the industry vary and depend on what each particular site requires. Rest assured our team of expert contractors and technicians understand tried and tested methods to ensure safe, high quality and durable systems for your home or business. We approach our installation a step above industry standard and re-define conventional methods. Our approach has always yielded tremendous high-quality results that are durable, visibly appealing, and safe.


Drywall Repair

There are countless industry competitors offering installation services, because the complexity of simple installation seldom requires in depth industry expertise, technical skill or time. It is very easy to oversimplify the process and find yourself in a situation where repair or re-installation services are required. Make sure you avoid this from the onset and enlist the services of a trusted drywall contractor with the experience to recognize potential problems ahead of time and is able to plan the proper way to do it right the first time. Ceiling repairs in particular can be tricky, and a poorly repaired ceiling can droop or crack over time.  We are experienced ceiling repair contractors that know the right ways to install or repair a ceiling that will be strong enough to avoid any issues.  When performing repairs, our team utilizes specialized tools that are required to achieve proper cuts and secure sheets of drywall. Our team is also knowledgeable regarding methods of construction and know the ideal anchors to affix the drywall sheet to, resulting in a quality problem-free product that will last for years. The supervision and guidance of our project leads to ensure we have the right amount of help to lead to a straight hang of the drywall whilst avoiding costly mistakes.

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Drywall Finishing

You will notice that drywall sheets often come with a rough, uneven texture. This comes from the collection of minerals used in the making of the product. Due to this, drywall is covered with various kinds of paper on each side.  This is why proper finishing services are required before your drywall can be given its final design and aesthetic. This process can easily take a lot of time and give ample headaches to someone not utilizing the proper equipment or industry knowledge. Finishing drywall includes the necessary patching of gaps, holes or nicks with mud and carefully sanding them down until the surface is smooth and even.  Doing it wrong shows seams and repairs.  Having experienced professionals doing it right means the wall looks perfect, as if the entire surface were always one seamless piece.


Drywall Texturing

Many of our customers inquire about our ability to provide a unique and custom texture to the drywall found in your space. Texturing is a fantastic way to enhance the look of your drywall and possibly create a solution to small imperfections caused by an amateur drywall installation service. There are many different options when considering texturing for your drywall. Our team can implement a helpful design consultation should you be interested in the texture of your space. Our industry leaders are happy to provide the details and information necessary to perform the texturing service yourself at home, however, it should be noted that the process can easily become messy or unappealing if you are not using the right equipment specifically designed to complete the task. We are experienced in providing a range of different textures including but not limited to : Knock Down, Popcorn Drywall, Orange Peel and many more.


Drywall Removal

Whichever type of construction you are involved with, the framing of the building is important and therefore it is essential not to damage it which could lead to more costly repairs and delays. Our team of drywall experts deal with our customer's needs with a very high level of delicacy and precision that results in the safety and preservation of your space. Our services are designed with simplicity and convenience in mind for our end user.  Our experts will analyze your situation and the requirements needed to deliver an unmatched smooth customer experience.  When drywall is removed, you're left with a mess and a lot of large, heavy pieces which can be difficult to haul away, which is why we do it for you.  Any materials removed will be safely cleaned up and disposed of responsibly, including dust, leaving you a clean, safe space.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

As a drywall contractor in Baltimore, one of the most popular things we do is remove popcorn ceilings.  The utilization of popcorn ceiling was a popular phenomenon in the past as textured ceilings such as popcorn enabled home owners and business owners a further layer of sound absorption to tone down any echoing they might have been experiencing. In addition, the texture helped hide imperfections over a large surface.  However, the trend had fallen out of style and is seldom used in modern and contemporary design throughout construction. Due to its previous popular usage, many homes built around the 1950’s-1980’s still rock the popcorn ceilings. We continue to see this not because of its living aesthetic popularity but because popcorn ceiling is actually difficult to remove. Many home owners or business owners may attempt to remove popcorn ceiling themselves, however, as are most things associated with drywall,  it is likely to result in a messy situation without the industry knowledge and proper equipment to mitigate the damage and mess.  We can remove popcorn ceilings and eliminate any resulting mess, leaving you with smooth, clean ceilings.  It's important for any ceiling repairs to be done properly to avoid issues in the future, and our extensive experience and attention to detail ensure your ceiling will be problem free when we're done.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of drywall repair jobs do you do?

We can handle any size of drywall repair jobs, from small 2" dings to replacing a whole water-damaged ceiling to gutting and replacing an entire house. We can handle any size drywall job you need.

2. How much does a drywall repair cost?

The cost varies widely depending on hte size and complexity of the job, plus the materials needed for a quiality repair. A small repair might cost $100, while removing and replacing all the drywall in an entire single-family home might cost over $3000 after drywall texture and paint.

3. Why should I choose you over another drywall company?

Several reasons. First, we have over a decade of drywall experience, so we know how to do the job right. Second, we only use quality materials, so your drywall project will be strong and durable. Third, we listen to you to ensure we know exactly what you want, then we walk you through what we're going to do and why, so there are no misunderstandings. Fourth, we don't cut corners or rush the job so much the quality suffers. We work quickly, but no faster than we can go while providing excellent quality. Finally, we stand behind our work. We strive for perfection, but everyone makes mistakes. We will immediately rectify any problems that come up and make sure you're completely satisfied.

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Highly Recommended


“I would be glad to recommend Baltimore Drywall Contractors to any friends or family. They did a fantastic job for me and my family.” 


- Bill D.



“They really know their stuff and carry themselves in a very professional manner. It was a pleasure”


- George O.



“They really impressed me with the design services and consultative approach. They set the bar for other businesses”


- Helen T.

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We are the top-recommended drywall contractor in the Baltimore area.  Our focus is to deliver and achieve only the best solution for our customer base throughout drywall repair, drywall finishing, drywall texturing, drywall removal and removal of popcorn ceiling solutions. In addition to these services, our team of technicians and contractors are able to provide custom solutions aimed towards any of your drywall needs including drylining, partitioning, rendering, ceiling systems, stud partitioning and machine taping.  We handle all drywall jobs, from repairing a single wall to installing drywall for a multistory office building.  If you're searching for a small job contractor near me, give us a call.  We treat your property as if it were our own, and we pride ourselves on doing things right the first time, every time.