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Drywall Repair


Drywall repair can be necessary due to a variety of circumstances. The origin might be water that has caused damage throughout the surface, the fluctuation of the temperature, settling of the structure or a scrape or impact. When the initial problem is diagnosed and rectified the drywall that has been compromised can be repaired. Choosing the professional team at BDC will give you the drywall results that you need with a smile and superior service.

Wallboard can be decorated with wallpaper, paint and pictures. The sheet rock layer is a great base for your design aspects to come to life! If your drywall becomes damaged through water damage or other instigators contact the team at Baltimore Drywall Contractor and begin your repair process. When you choose to utilize the skills that are provided by professional contractors you will receive higher quality results with expert advice. With the knowledge that comes with our talent we will be able to assess the damage of your drywall and diagnose a source if necessary.

Water Damage
Water damage can be detrimental to your drywall so repairs should be conducted with haste to avoid mold! Our team is able to assess the damage that has occurred and create a plan to finish the correction with quality and affordability. It is important that the initial cause of the leak is repaired prior to the correction of the drywall. Without repair your leak can continue causing additional damage to the drywall in question. Once the source has been stopped we will be able to remove the damaged piece and replace the section with new pieces. Once the integrity of the wall has been restored re-painting or application of wallpaper can be conducted to return uniformity.

Punctures can come from various sources that are unexpected! From balls flying askew to accidents your drywall can be prone to damage. There is no reason to stress about these cracks or punctures as the team at BDC can repair the afflicted area resulting in like new drywall surface. The first step to any repair that we conduct is the initial assessment of the damage. Our team needs to be able to assess the damage and confirm that there is no source that can cause further damage. The removal of the damaged area will depend on the severity of the hole, with minimal damage we are able to skip this step and simply repair the existing drywall.

Drywall Cracks
Cracks can appear within drywall for seemingly no reason, this is common and might not be a reflection of any recurring damage. Many different factors can induce cracking in the seams of your walls, including the settling of your structure. Buildings are always settling causing stress in the walls that might result in a crack. Settling is not the only factor to consider when a crack appears, the flaw can also be a result of fluctuating temperatures that expands and contracts the drywall. No matter the origin of your crack the team at BDC is able to assess the situation and complete a quality repair for an affordable price.


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