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Drywall Finishing


Our team has designed measures, deliberately, to ensure we offer our clients a wide range of technical and commercial support throughout the entire stages of each project. We committed to transparency, customer centricity and industry expertise, we utilize all of these to provide clear communication and access to in depth technical solutions to navigate complex obstacles as well as federal, state and local building regulations. This includes the process in which we use to serve customers requiring the drywall finishing. Far too often service providers install the drywall but seldom take the time necessary to complete the job properly. Our team does not cut corners and this is how we continue to experience customer loyalty and success since our beginning.

Advantages of BDC
The best way we know how to support and give back to our community is to continue to raise the bar throughout the construction industry and allow access to economical, effective, hassle free construction services for all. We accept our responsibilities as the industry leader and pride ourselves on our ability to create lifelong customers, partners and advance our value proposition for their benefit. Working with BDC offers our customers, beit commercial, residential or public sectors a wide range of benefits that compliment their property and the continued preservation and appeal of their investment.

Sourcing and Supplies
We only enlist the highest grade techniques and equipment to serve our customers. Each intricate component of our business and service has been comprehensively reviewed, tested and measured to ensure we are capable to support each step of the process from conceptualizing the design to project and site completion. Every customer we serve from a large scale commercial operation to a small in home apartment renovation, we provide the support necessary from technicalities, relevant state, federal and local building bylaws or regulations.

Another benefit of our approach towards drywall contracting is that we are able to mitigate and forecast any potential problems that may arise. In tandem we are able to navigate these problems together with the customer by providing industry leading expertise in alignment with the customers vision. From our industry experts, you will be provided specialist informative material regarding the completion of your project in correspondence to deadlines, budgets, sourcing of supplies, methods, logistics but also, and more importantly, certainty and clarity leading to a customer experience and peace of mind not soon to be forgotten.

After the holes and nicks are covered and sanded, the drywall requires dusting and vacuuming. This will ensure your walls are prepped and ready for the best finish during the paint application. Our team believes in the most adherence to quality techniques that are not frequently utilized by industry competitors. You can easily note a difference between amateur finishing and experienced qualified drywall finishing surface. This is a significant aspect which is not to be overlooked. If your drywall is not properly finished or sanded down, the finished product you receive from the paint application will also be sub par and create a gap or lack in aesthetic appeal.  Drywall finishing makes all the difference in a project or repair looking professional, and done wrong, can make even the best project look terrible.  Well-done drywall finishing takes years to master, and is not recommended for DIYers.


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