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Drywall Installation


The comprehensive and inclusive menu of drywall procedures offered at Baltimore Drywall Contractor has served our community for over 30 years. The clear advantage of choosing a tenured and knowledgeable company to conduct all drywall needs is the quality of the product delivered. We offer industry-leading processes for affordable and reasonable prices. The team at BDC invests attention and detail into maintaining the quality of the installed or repaired drywall. Drywall installation requires proper steps that stop the process from resulting in skewed results. Be confident that the team that you have welcomed into your home and hired to complete your drywall needs is qualified to complete the job at hand. When you choose BDC you know that you have acquired top-notch contractors who are drywall specialists.

Steps to installing drywall are complex and should be followed closely to produce the best results possible. From measuring the space that requires fitting to adjusting the installation for windows doors, outlets or other fixtures you will want your drywall installation to be completed properly.  Proper measurement by an experienced installer reduces waste, thus reducing expenses. Improper installation can cause large expenses further down the road when corrections must be applied to rectify the misalignment. Our consultation process will derive the necessary information from property owners and include the measurement of the space for planning.

Planning for drywall installation takes additional skill and fore planning. Without the foresight that comes with professional drywall installation experts you can run into problems. From the missed accounting of doors and fixtures to the lack of drywall sheets your service can be delayed with novice or DIY drywall installers. The planning that goes into drywall installation is comprehensive and followed by each and every one of our employees. On each installation project that we take on we assign a foreman to assess the process of the installation and correct any errors throughout the process.

Drywall is installed in sheets with screws to provide coverage for the insulation and inner workings of the wall. Drywall comes in many various types that allow property owners to facilitate their needs through different applications. Green board drywall has a moisture barrier that prevents the penetration of water much more efficiently than regular drywall. Other types of drywall include; blue board drywall, paperless drywall, purple drywall, type X drywall and soundproof drywall. Confer with our team of drywall experts to land on the best option for your installation needs.

Drywall VS. Plaster
The most notable benefit of drywall vs. plaster is the instillation process. The addition of plaster to a space is time and labor intensive. Without the additional labor costs necessary with plaster your application of drywall will save you money. Drywall has other benefits that include the reduction of noise and the fire-resistant nature of the boards. Drywall is a cheaper alternative to plaster that requires a more efficient application process and noise reduction properties. Our contractors in correlation with new home builds or renovation schedules can install drywall to your required space.


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