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Drywall Removal


Taking down drywall can be as labor intensive as installing the surface in the first place! Not only do we offer all-inclusive services for installation but also removal of drywall. Our experienced team offers the removal processĀ of drywall for an affordable price competitive with our Baltimore market. What do you do with the existing drywall following the removal? Depending on the scale of your renovation you will have an excess of drywall that will need to be disposed of. When you team up with our drywall removal experts you will have one less thing to worry about! We come prepared with removal equipment to clear your space of unnecessary filler.

The labor involved in the removal of drywall makes it a tough task for novice or DIY to complete in full. The removal specialists at BDC have years of experience removing large sums of drywall and replacing it with newly installed quality pieces. Leave the frustrating nature of drywall removal to our team and enjoy the end results! Lean on our experienced team to deliver the results that you need without the additional byproduct of the traditional removal process.

A byproduct of novice or DIY removal is damage that occurs on the ceiling or floor of the structure. Without the proper education and processes your drywall removal project can end up costing you additional expense. A benefit to acquiring BDC to take care of your drywall removal is the comprehensive start to finish service that eliminates the possibility of damage. Drywall is installed in sheets and nailed or screwed to the supporting beams behind the structure. Take care of the rest of your dwelling by hiring industry professionals to safely and completely remove any existing unwanted drywall.

In the case that asbestos is found on the interior of your drywall, trained professionals should utilize proper eradication techniques. Our team is educated in the signs of asbestos presence and will be able to recognize the existence. The confirmation and testing as well as removal should be conducted by a industry professional. Following the removal our team will be available to install or remove existing drywall at the request of the homeowner. It is recommended that licensed individuals who hold the proper safety equipment should remove asbestos.

Drywall Dust
Drywall dust is a byproduct of the installation and removal of drywall. The particles are set free from drywall and may include gypsum, talc, mica, silicon and more. The inhalation of drywall dust is not recommended and is known to cause health problems. Respiratory systems are the most commonly affected by the presence and inhalation of drywall dust. When you hire a professional team to install and remove drywall from your commercial or residential property you are left with a reduced amount of dust and in turn a lower amount of health complications. Your investment into drywall professionals will be beneficial to the quality of the removal as well as the quality of your health.


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