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Drywall Texturing


Texturing is a process that applies dimension and visual interest to the drywall. The benefits of drywall texturing include the disguise of any imperfections that are due to occur on the surface. Texturing is a great way to increase the visual interest of your basic walls and introduce great architectural elements. The team at BDC has completed hundreds of drywall texturing projects for homes just like yours! We have perfected the art of installing the texturing onto the surface resulting in clean and stunning finished products. Contact us at our listed number for more information or to receive your texturing quote today!

Skip Trowel
A popular option that is seen across the United States is skip trowel; the texturing application can be seen in homes throughout the country. The look of this texturing is achieved by applying joint compound in various arches throughout the wall or ceiling’s surface. When you have skip trowel texturing on your wall or ceiling you will have imperfections blended into the walls. To see examples of our previous work completed speak to one of our drywall experts today! We will walk you through your options and the results in order to choose the right texturing for your home.

Knockdown texturing is another popular option for many property owners throughout our great land. The application process involves spraying, troweling or rolling the compound to the intended surface. Once this application is dry and settled it can be painted over for a refreshed look down the road! This offers many benefits of revitalization without the removal of the texturing. Knockdown texturing might be the right addition to your wall or ceiling in order to add interest and design element! Create a fully realized aesthetically pleasing room with the introduction of knockdown texturing to your space.

Character is added through the installation of lace texturing on your home’s walls or ceiling. The texture is a great camouflage for any damage or imperfections that occurs over the drywalls life. Lace texturing creates an interesting visual aspect to the walls or ceiling as the base color and texture color is different. The intricate and opulent addition of lace texturing will surely add interest and dimensions to your plain surfaces. Our services offer affordable pricing with quality results ensuring that your space is customized to the style that you envisioned for a fair rate.

Swirl texturing is a method that will leave a pattern of half circles on the ceiling or walls of your home. There are many interior design elements that can be heightened with the introduction of swirl texturing. If you are looking for an additional visual aspect to your walls or ceiling, consider the application of texture.  Our process includes industry-leading steps that ensure a fully realized and properly applied texturing to your walls. Trust our comprehensive policies and procedures to deliver aesthetically pleasing blended walls and ceilings. For years we have created beautiful spectacles out of bland drywall see what the introduction of texture can do to your walls.


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